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URGENT MESSAGE TO ALL EVEREST CLIMBERS: Yesterday we had an unpleasant incident: at 4 p.m. (local time) An unknown climber has dumped an empty oxygen cylinder which flown near to guys CLIMBING, fortunately not hitting anyone. Today at 6 a.m. the history has repeated - one more cylinder has flown by absolutely near to guys working on a wall. It would be desirable to address to all climbers: please, do not dump empty oxygen cylinders downwards. There are people working at the Wall!
Please pass this on to all everest climbers. (da Everest News)

Succede anche questo, lassų. In questo momento c'č tanta gente che scalpita, e gių non riescono pių a tenere il conto di chi arriva in vetta.
Vuoi andarci anche tu (ormai il prossimo anno)? Parlane con Susan Ershler, ti organizza tutto.

Posted by Peter Kowalsky at 17.05.04 17:56

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