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A new study shows that the best way for political candidates to attract
the interest of younger, Net-savvy voters is through interactive media like chats and "blogs." Using one-way communications, such as pop-up or banner
ads, was a definite turnoff, according to the study sponsored by the
Center for Democracy & Citizenship and the University of Maryland's Center for
Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement. "The
Internet is a terrific tool to use with those you already have reason to believe are with you and who are willing to do more on their terms, but by all means
avoid like hell the shotgun scatter of banner ads and blanket e-mail,"
says David Skaggs, head of the Center for & Citizenship. The findings mirror
those of previous studies about the way younger people participate in
the political process, says Michael Cornfield, research director for George
Washington University's Institute for Politics, Democracy and the Internet:
"There's no question that young people, probably more than any other
subset of voters, want to be listened to, not talked to. They want to have
someone connect their perception of the issues on a local scale to those on a
national or global scale."
(Washington Post 15 Jan 2004)

Posted by Peter Kowalsky at 18.01.04 10:13

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