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Fighting a Global Counterinsurgency

Still, to be fair to the Pentagon, it's not just that we need more boots on the ground. Rather, the strategic challenge of the war on terrorism requires empowering soldiers with skills that allow them to better operate in protracted, low-level war. In this regard, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld is correct in his emphasis on making the regular military operate more like the Special Forces. In particular, an emphasis on sustainability, self-sufficiency, and adaptability-including language skills and region-specific knowledge-is far more important than speed in a protracted counterinsurgency.
Thus, defense transformation must bring about a change in the military mindset from what Eliot Cohen calls a "mass army" to that of an "imperial army".

Questo č ciņ che sostiene in uno studio l'American Enterprise Institute.
Serve un esercito imperiale. E subito. Da qualche tempo sembra proprio di vivere in un film.

Posted by Peter Kowalsky at 17.12.03 15:04

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